Terms of service

In the world of URL shortening, where links abound,
URLC.net stands tall, on solid ground.
With their Terms of Service, they take a stand,
Protecting us all, with a guiding hand.

Forbidden are the short links that lead astray,
To scams, phishing sites, where dangers lay.
No viruses, adult content, or criminals' domain,
URLC.net ensures our safety will remain.

They shield us from harm, with unwavering might,
Keeping us secure, day and night.
No farma, no deceit, no malicious intent,
URLC.net's commitment, we can confidently relent.

Within their Terms of Service, a fortress strong,
Our trust in their platform, never goes wrong.
They guard our privacy, our information secure,
URLC.net's dedication, of this we can be sure.

So let us abide by their rules, with care,
Knowing that URLC.net will always be there.
No scams, no phishing, no threats to fear,
With URLC.net, our online path is clear.

Together we stand, in this digital domain,
URLC.net's protection, we shall proclaim.
No forbidden territories, no tricks or snares,
With URLC.net, our peace of mind is theirs.